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Troy Baker on NFTs: Voice Actor's Perspective on Trend

By Mazen (Mithrie) Turkmani
Published: January 15, 2022 at 1:14 PM GMT

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Key Takeaways

Apex Legends PS5 120 FPS

PlayStation Game Size tweeted out saying "Apex Legends (PS5) apparently has an 80 GB download without updates". It's hinting that there might be a native PlayStation 5 port for Apex Legends coming out soon. And Steven Ferreira, who is the game director at Respawn Vancouver, posted on Reddit about 11 months ago saying "120 FPS is one of our goals. And as we continue to look at Next Gen features and balance between what we think is best for the overall play experience for Next Gen, we're keeping this in mind. Can't promise anything, but with the core mechanics feel of Apex being such an important piece of the player experience, this one is high on the priority list." In competitive Battle Royale type games high FPS means that you have a quicker response time when, for example, you fire your weapon. That's why high frame rates are important. We will see. If you're still playing Apex Legends or if you're interested, know that a PlayStation 5 port could be coming out soon.

Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, has been a huge success since its launch in February 2019. It quickly garnered a massive player base across various platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. With the release of the next-generation consoles, players have been eagerly anticipating a native PlayStation 5 port that can take advantage of the new hardware's capabilities.

Recently, a tweet from PlayStation Game Size caught the attention of Apex Legends fans. The tweet stated that "Apex Legends (PS5) apparently has an 80 GB download without updates." This news hints at the possibility of an upcoming PlayStation 5 port for the game.

While there hasn't been an official announcement regarding a PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends, there are signs that Respawn Entertainment is considering it. Steven Ferreira, the game director at Respawn Vancouver, had previously mentioned the desire to achieve 120 FPS for the game on Next Gen consoles. In a Reddit post from 11 months ago, Ferreira said, "120 FPS is one of our goals. And as we continue to look at Next Gen features and balance between what we think is best for the overall play experience for Next Gen, we're keeping this in mind."

The potential PlayStation 5 port holds promise for Apex Legends players, especially those who prioritize high frame rates and smooth gameplay. In competitive Battle Royale games like Apex Legends, having a higher frame rate can provide a significant advantage. It allows for quicker response times, better accuracy, and an overall more fluid gaming experience. Therefore, the inclusion of a native PlayStation 5 port with 120 FPS support could greatly enhance the gameplay for Apex Legends enthusiasts.

It's worth noting that while Ferreira expressed the desire for 120 FPS support, he also acknowledged the need to balance Next-Gen features with the core mechanics and overall play experience of Apex Legends. This statement suggests that the development team at Respawn Entertainment is committed to ensuring that any upgrades or enhancements for the PlayStation 5 version align with the game's foundation and maintain its core gameplay mechanics.

As of now, players will have to wait for an official announcement from Respawn Entertainment or Electronic Arts regarding the PlayStation 5 port of Apex Legends. However, the combination of the PlayStation Game Size tweet and Ferreira's previous statements indicates that there is a possibility of a native PlayStation 5 version arriving in the near future.

For those who are still actively playing Apex Legends or are interested in getting into the game, the potential PlayStation 5 port brings exciting prospects. The next-generation hardware capabilities, coupled with the potential for higher frame rates and improved performance, could elevate the Apex Legends experience to new heights on the PlayStation 5.

Dying Light 2 Future Plans

In other gaming news, Techland Games, the creators behind the highly anticipated Dying Light 2, have revealed their future plans for the game. The influencer lead at Techland Games, Sheri, took to Twitter to share the exciting news.

"We'll be committing to five years of game support post-launch, which means more story DLC, more events, more locations, more in-game items. Personally, this is one of the main reasons why I joined Techland in the first place. Gamers first," tweeted Sheri.

This announcement signifies Techland Games' dedication to providing ongoing support for Dying Light 2 even after its initial release. With the game set to launch in a couple of weeks, players can look forward to an extensive amount of content. Techland Games has already stated that Dying Light 2 will offer approximately 500 hours worth of gameplay, ensuring that players will have plenty to explore and experience within the game.

Knowing that Techland Games plans to support Dying Light 2 long-term is reassuring for fans of the franchise. It suggests that the developers are committed to keeping the game fresh and engaging, continuously adding new content and features to enhance the overall experience. This long-term support can foster a thriving community around the game, creating a sustainable ecosystem for players to enjoy.

With the promise of story DLC, events, new locations, and in-game items, players can anticipate a variety of additional content that expands upon the core Dying Light 2 experience. This commitment to post-launch support demonstrates Techland Games' understanding of the importance of ongoing engagement with the player community and their desire to deliver a satisfying gaming experience.

As Dying Light 2's release date approaches, players are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to delve into the vast open-world universe that Techland Games has crafted. The combination of its immersive parkour-based gameplay, rich narrative, and extensive amount of content make Dying Light 2 a highly anticipated title in the gaming community.

Techland Games' commitment to providing post-launch support for five years ensures that players can enjoy an evolving and expanding game world. This dedication to ongoing development and content creation fosters player loyalty and sets the stage for an exciting and enduring experience within the Dying Light 2 universe.

Troy Baker on NFTs

In recent news, voice actor Troy Baker, known for his performance as Joel in The Last of Us and Higgs in Death Stranding, has sparked controversy with his involvement with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Baker announced his partnership with VoiceverseNFT on Twitter, expressing his interest in exploring ways to bring new tools to creators and enabling them to own and invest in their intellectual properties (IPs). His tweet read, "I'm partnering with VoiceverseNFT to explore ways where (together) we might bring new tools to new creators to make new things and allow everyone the chance to own and invest in the IPs they create. We all have a story to tell. You can hate or you can create. What will it be?"

The announcement of Baker's involvement with NFTs has drawn intense backlash and negativity from the gaming community and voiceover community alike. Many criticize NFTs for their perceived lack of value and environmental impact. Additionally, some members of the voiceover community expressed concerns that VoiceverseNFT's purpose is to replace voice actors with AI technology.

The backlash against NFTs stems from several factors. First, NFTs have faced criticism for their potential to contribute to climate change due to the energy consumption involved in their creation and trading. Second, the concept of "owning" a digital asset that can be freely reproduced and distributed poses questions about the true value of these tokens. Lastly, concerns about the impact on artists' rights and ownership of their intellectual property have surfaced in discussions surrounding NFTs.

Following the negative response, Troy Baker released a follow-up tweet acknowledging the backlash and expressing his gratitude for those who shared their thoughts. He stated, "I always want to be part of this conversation, even if sometimes that finds me in the midst of a loud one. I appreciate you all sharing your thoughts and giving me a lot to think about."

Baker further addressed his initial tweet, admitting that the "hate create" part was designed to bring levity but acknowledging that it may not have been well-received. He concluded by stating, "I'm just a storyteller out here trying to tell my story to whoever will hear and hoping I can help others do the same."

The controversy surrounding NFTs and their potential impact on the creative industry continues to provoke strong opinions. While some individuals see NFTs as a way to empower creators and revolutionize ownership of digital assets, others view them as a passing trend with little long-term value.

Ultimately, each individual is free to form their own opinion on NFTs and their place within the creative landscape. For those who remain skeptical or critical of NFTs, it is their prerogative to abstain from engaging with this emerging technology.

In conclusion, the potential for a native PlayStation 5 port of Apex Legends brings excitement to fans of the game, offering the possibility of enhanced performance and gameplay on the next-generation console. Techland Games' commitment to long-term support for Dying Light 2 ensures that players can anticipate a wealth of post-launch content and continued engagement with the game. Meanwhile, Troy Baker's involvement with NFTs has sparked controversy within the gaming community, highlighting the ongoing debate surrounding the value and impact of these digital tokens.

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