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-- 27 Jan 2022
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Steam Deck Release Date, PS Plus February 2022 Free Games, Blizzard Games Updates Soon | Gaming News

PS Plus February 2022 Free Games

Hello, guys, welcome to the Gaming News for 27 Jan 2022. the PlayStation Plus games for February 2022 will be UFC 4, Tiny Tina's Wonderland Assault On Dragon Keep, and the Planet Coaster Console Edition. You'll be able to add them to your account during February 2022. As long as you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, you'll be able to download them and play them anytime in the future.

Steam Deck Release Date

The next bit of news for today, Steam posted on their official website saying "Steam Deck launching February 25. Hello, the day is almost here. On February 25, we'll be sending out the first batch of order emails to reservation holders. Customers will have three days (72 hours) from receipt of their order email to make their purchase before the reservation is released to the next person in the queue. The first units will be on their way to customers starting the 28th and we plan to release new order email batches on a weekly (basis)." The Steam Deck is a handheld console designed to play PC games on Steam. That's the idea of it. People have been looking forward to it for a long time and if you've had a reservation for it, keep your eye on your emails, you might be getting one soon.

Blizzard Games Updates Soon

The last bit of news for today is Mike Ybarra who is one of the leaders at Blizzard Entertainment, replied to someone about the survival game that they announced yesterday by saying "Blizzard is a big studio and we have talented and growing teams supporting live games as well. Over the coming weeks, you'll be hearing more on that from Warcraft, Overwatch and Diablo will follow. Stay tuned." People who are worried about them working on other projects like the survival game will result in neglecting their current games. I would say don't worry too much. Anyway, guys, that's it for the Gaming News for today. Thank you so much as always to all the new followers and I will see you tomorrow. Thanks guys. Bye bye.

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