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Elden Ring Released: FromSoftware's Epic Hits the Market

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: February 25, 2022 at 12:44 PM GMT

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Elden Ring has released on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, 11 bit Studios have announced that for the next seven days all sales of This War of Mine will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross, and Nintendo acquires development studio SRD.

Nintendo Acquires SRD

In a significant move, Nintendo has recently acquired the development studio SRD. This acquisition solidifies the long-standing partnership between the two companies. SRD has been collaborating with Nintendo since 1983, providing valuable programming expertise for numerous Nintendo games. Over the course of nearly four decades, they have worked on more than 100 Nintendo titles, contributing to the success of various franchises.

The decision to bring SRD under the Nintendo umbrella is not only a testament to their exceptional work but also a strategic move to ensure continued excellence in game development. By incorporating SRD into their family, Nintendo aims to further strengthen their capabilities and enhance their technology. This acquisition will provide greater synergy between the two companies and enable them to deliver even more immersive and innovative gaming experiences to their loyal fan base.

11 bit Studios' Philanthropic Gesture

In a demonstration of social responsibility, 11 bit Studios has made a commendable decision. The game development company recently announced that for the next seven days, all proceeds generated from their game, This War of Mine, will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross. This act of generosity is in response to the ongoing invasion by Russia and aims to support the affected citizens of Ukraine.

This War of Mine is a thought-provoking game that delves into the devastating impact of war on ordinary people. It offers a unique perspective by putting players in the shoes of civilians struggling to survive in a war-torn environment. By donating their earnings from the game, 11 bit Studios not only showcases their commitment to humanitarian causes but also encourages other developers to take real action in support of their beliefs.

Having personally experienced This War of Mine, I can attest to its emotional depth and meaningful storytelling. The gameplay mechanics and narrative combine to deliver an immersive and moving experience. This act of goodwill by 11 bit Studios only adds to my admiration for the company, as they go beyond mere words and actively contribute to making a positive difference in the world.

Elden Ring's Highly Anticipated Release

Exciting news for the gaming community! Elden Ring, the highly anticipated collaboration between FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin, has finally been released. Available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms, this action role-playing game has already garnered immense attention and anticipation from fans worldwide.

As eager players immerse themselves in the expansive and treacherous world of Elden Ring, various guides have already emerged, providing valuable advice on which classes to choose when starting the game. Such guidance is particularly useful for newcomers to the challenging "Soulsborne" genre, which FromSoftware has become renowned for. With its vast open world, complex lore, intense combat, and captivating storytelling, Elden Ring promises to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

Given the immense anticipation surrounding the game, it is safe to assume that Elden Ring will dominate gaming conversations and social media discussions throughout the weekend. Fans who have eagerly awaited its release can finally embark on their journey and discover the secrets and challenges that await them in the world of Elden Ring.

In conclusion, Nintendo's acquisition of SRD reinforces their longstanding partnership and demonstrates their commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences. Meanwhile, 11 bit Studios' philanthropic gesture sets an inspiring example for the industry, showcasing the power of game developers to make a positive impact. Finally, the release of Elden Ring marks a significant moment for gaming enthusiasts, as they can finally delve into the highly anticipated world crafted by FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin.

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