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MLB The Show 22 Early Access: Baseball Anticipation

By Mazen (Mithrie) Turkmani
Published: April 2, 2022 at 12:39 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse

Escape From Tarkov players have been eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated Lighthouse update, which was recently announced by Battlestate Games, the developer behind the popular first-person shooter game. This update promises to bring a plethora of exciting new features and improvements to the game.

One of the notable additions in the Lighthouse update is the support for DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology. DLSS is a revolutionary graphics rendering technique that uses artificial intelligence to upscale lower-resolution images in real-time. With the inclusion of DLSS support, Escape From Tarkov players can expect a significant boost in performance and visual quality, especially on compatible hardware.

In addition to DLSS support, the Lighthouse update will also introduce various changes to the game's crafting system. Players can look forward to new recipes, crafting components, and enhanced mechanics that will add depth and complexity to the gameplay. These changes aim to further immerse players in the world of Escape From Tarkov and provide them with more strategic options when it comes to survival and combat.

Furthermore, the Lighthouse update will introduce a range of new weapons to the game. These weapons, carefully designed and modeled by the talented team at Battlestate Games, will offer players even more variety and choice when it comes to loadouts. From powerful sniper rifles to devastating close-quarters weapons, the new arsenal will undoubtedly spice up the already intense firefights in Escape From Tarkov.

However, the highlight of the Lighthouse update is undoubtedly the addition of the eponymous Lighthouse area. This new location promises to be a thrilling and dangerous playground for players to explore and conquer. With its unique layout, diverse environments, and hidden secrets, the Lighthouse area will provide a fresh and exciting experience for both new and veteran players alike. Prepare to face off against other players, scavenge valuable resources, and engage in intense firefights as you navigate this treacherous new territory.

Escape From Tarkov has garnered a dedicated and passionate community since its release. With regular updates and a commitment to improving the game based on player feedback, Battlestate Games has been successful in maintaining and growing its player base. The Lighthouse update is yet another testament to the developer's commitment to providing high-quality content and an immersive gaming experience.

Unreal Engine 5 Update

In other gaming news, Unreal Engine recently announced an upcoming update for its widely popular game development engine. On April 5th, Unreal Engine will be broadcasting the 'State of Unreal' event, where they will delve deeper into Unreal Engine 5 and provide valuable insights into its capabilities and features.

Unreal Engine 5 has been generating significant buzz ever since its initial announcement. The release of the stunning tech demo showcased the immense graphical capabilities and groundbreaking features of the engine, garnering over 14 million views on various platforms. The demo highlighted the engine's ability to render highly detailed environments, realistic lighting, and dynamic physics, which ultimately paves the way for the next generation of gaming experiences.

The 'State of Unreal' event promises to shed more light on Unreal Engine 5's advancements. Developers and enthusiasts alike will be able to gain valuable knowledge and insights into how to leverage the engine's new tools and features to create incredible gaming experiences. With the power of Unreal Engine 5, game developers will have even more creative freedom and the ability to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming industry.

Unreal Engine has long been a staple in the game development community, with its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities. With each new iteration, the engine continues to evolve and offer developers even more tools and resources to bring their visions to life. The forthcoming update for Unreal Engine 5 is highly anticipated and is expected to further solidify Unreal Engine's position as one of the leading game development engines in the industry.

MLB The Show 22 Early Access

For sports gaming enthusiasts, there's exciting news coming from MLB The Show 22. The acclaimed baseball video game, developed by San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is now available for early access to players who own the Digital Deluxe version or higher.

MLB The Show has long been regarded as one of the best sports simulation video game franchises, offering a realistic and immersive baseball experience. Each year, the developers strive to improve upon the previous installment, introducing new features, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and updated rosters to ensure that players have the most authentic baseball experience possible.

The early access period allows players to get a head start on enjoying the new features and improvements introduced in MLB The Show 22. Players can dive into the game, explore its various game modes, and experience the thrill of playing as their favorite teams and players before the official release date.

It's worth noting that the Digital Deluxe version of MLB The Show 22 offers additional content and perks, making it an enticing choice for fans of the franchise. The inclusion of the Digital Deluxe version in the early access period provides an opportunity for players to fully immerse themselves in the game and get a taste of the new features and improvements ahead of the general release.

We would like to extend our gratitude to PlayStation and MLB The Show for providing us with a free copy of MLB The Show 22 to review. We are excited to fully explore the game and provide our honest thoughts and impressions in the near future. Stay tuned for our comprehensive review, where we will delve into the gameplay, presentation, and overall experience of MLB The Show 22.

In conclusion, these recent gaming updates have brought a wave of excitement and anticipation to gamers worldwide. Escape From Tarkov players can look forward to the upcoming Lighthouse update, which introduces DLSS support, crafting changes, new weapons, and the thrilling Lighthouse area. Unreal Engine's State of Unreal broadcast promises further insights into the highly anticipated Unreal Engine 5. Lastly, early access to MLB The Show 22 for Digital Deluxe owners offers a chance to experience the game ahead of its official release. With all these exciting developments in the gaming industry, it's an exhilarating time for gamers everywhere.

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