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Kingdom Hearts 4 Revealed: Beloved Series Continues

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: April 10, 2022 at 6:00 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

Steam Deck Verified Explained

Valve has recently provided an update on the highly anticipated Steam Deck, revealing that it will support over 2000 verified and playable games from the extensive Steam library. This means that if you already own these games on Steam, you will be able to seamlessly play them on the Steam Deck without any compatibility issues. This is fantastic news for gamers who want to enjoy their PC games on the go.

The Steam Deck is designed to offer a portable gaming experience similar to that of a high-performance gaming PC. With its powerful hardware specifications and innovative features, it promises to bring a console-like gaming experience to handheld gaming devices. The ability to access a vast library of games adds to its appeal and makes it an attractive option for gamers looking for convenience without compromising on quality.

Valve is continually working behind the scenes to increase the number of verified games available on the Steam Deck. This ensures that gamers will have access to a wide range of titles, including both new releases and beloved classics. The goal is to make the Steam Deck a versatile gaming device that caters to the preferences of all gamers.

Horizon 3 Leak

In recent news, Oops Leaks, a renowned industry insider, tweeted about the future of the Horizon franchise. According to the tweet, Horizon will be developed as a trilogy, with plans to expand its universe through VR spin-offs and other exciting projects. Additionally, there are indications of a potential online standalone game or expansion, drawing comparisons to acclaimed titles like Monster Hunter World.

These revelations shouldn't come as a surprise to fans of the Horizon series, as rumors and leaks about its future have been circulating for some time. The success of Horizon Zero Dawn elevated the franchise to new heights, establishing it as one of the main PlayStation franchises. With the highly anticipated release of Horizon Forbidden West on the horizon, it's no wonder that fans are eagerly anticipating further expansions and spin-offs.

While specific details about these upcoming projects remain scarce, fans can rest assured that more information will emerge in due time. As the franchise continues to captivate audiences around the world, developers are undoubtedly working hard to deliver unforgettable experiences in line with the Horizon name.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced

During the recent Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event, Square Enix made a groundbreaking announcement by officially revealing the development of Kingdom Hearts 4. This news was accompanied by an exciting trailer that showcased glimpses of what fans can expect from the highly anticipated sequel. As always, the announcement of a new Kingdom Hearts game has generated immense excitement among fans of the beloved franchise.

In addition to Kingdom Hearts 4, Square Enix also announced the upcoming release of a free-to-play app for iOS and Android platforms. Details about this app are still limited, but it opens up possibilities for fans to immerse themselves in the Kingdom Hearts universe on their mobile devices. This move demonstrates the franchise's commitment to expanding its reach and providing diverse gaming experiences for fans across various platforms.

As with any eagerly anticipated game, specific release dates for Kingdom Hearts 4 and the accompanying app have not yet been announced. However, dedicated fans can rest assured that Square Enix will reveal more information at the appropriate time. Keep an eye on gaming news outlets to stay updated on the latest developments for both Kingdom Hearts 4 and the mobile app.

In conclusion, the gaming industry is abuzz with exciting news. The announcement of over 2000 verified games for the Steam Deck provides assurance to potential buyers, promising a vast selection of games to explore on this handheld device. The Horizon franchise continues to expand, with plans for a trilogy, VR spin-offs, and potentially an online standalone game or expansion. Lastly, the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 4 has been officially confirmed, accompanied by a trailer and the announcement of a forthcoming free-to-play mobile app. It's an exciting time for gaming enthusiasts worldwide, and these developments offer a glimpse into the thrilling future of gaming. Stay tuned for further updates and prepare to embark on new gaming adventures!

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