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TERA MMO Shutting Down: Final Days Approach for Players

By Mazen (Mithrie) Turkmani
Published: April 21, 2022 at 2:00 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

Xbox and PlayStation In-Game Ads

Recently, there have been reports suggesting that both PlayStation and Xbox are testing new functionality to incorporate advertisements in free-to-play games. These ads will not be random in-game placements but will instead be designed as live ads, such as billboards. While there is limited information available at the moment, it is anticipated that more details will be revealed in the future.

This development holds significant implications for the gaming industry and its players. Free-to-play games, such as Apex Legends and Fortnite, have become incredibly popular, attracting millions of players worldwide. The addition of live ads within these games could potentially generate substantial revenue for both the game developers and the platform owners.

However, the introduction of in-game ads may also raise concerns among players. Ads incorporated seamlessly into the game environment could enhance immersion and add realism, but they could also disrupt the gameplay experience if not implemented thoughtfully. Striking the right balance between generating revenue through ads and preserving the integrity of the gaming experience will be crucial for the success of this new initiative.

It is worth noting that advertisements have long been a part of the gaming industry. Whether it's billboards in driving games, product placement in sports games, or sponsored content within mobile games, ads have been used as a way to generate revenue and support the development of games. However, the integration of live ads in free-to-play games on PlayStation and Xbox could mark a significant shift in how ads are utilized within the gaming ecosystem.

Among Us VR Announced

One exciting development in the world of gaming is the recent announcement of Among Us VR. This news came during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, where a range of upcoming games for the virtual reality (VR) platform were unveiled. Among Us, the popular social deduction game, will soon be available for VR players to immerse themselves in.

The introduction of Among Us VR demonstrates the growing investment in and commitment to VR gaming. As technology advances and VR devices become more accessible, game developers are capitalizing on the opportunity to create unique and immersive experiences for players. Among Us, with its emphasis on social interaction and deduction, seems like a perfect fit for the VR platform, as it allows players to step into the shoes of their characters and experience the game's intrigue in a whole new way.

In addition to Among Us VR, the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase also unveiled Ghostbusters VR, another highly anticipated game coming to the VR platform. These new game announcements are a testament to the expanding library of VR games and the increasing interest in this evolving sector of the gaming industry.

TERA Shutting Down

Sad news has emerged for fans of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) TERA. The publisher, Gameforge, recently announced that TERA will be shutting down. In a heartfelt message posted on the game's official website, Gameforge expressed their regret at being unable to continue providing exciting and satisfying content for players.

TERA, created by developers Bluehole, has been an integral part of the MMORPG landscape for over a decade. The game has transported players to the world of Arborea, allowing them to embark on adventures, conquer perils, and forge lasting friendships. However, after careful consideration, the team at Bluehole decided that they could no longer maintain and develop the game, leading to its impending closure.

Gameforge acknowledged the loyalty and support of the TERA community throughout the years and expressed their gratitude for the incredible journey they had embarked on together. To commemorate the game's legacy, Gameforge will be running permanent events leading up to the final shutdown date on June 30, 2022. This will provide players with an opportunity to enjoy the remaining moments in Arborea and bid farewell to the TERA world.

The closure of TERA serves as a reminder of the evolving nature of the gaming industry. As new games and technologies emerge, older titles may struggle to compete and maintain their player base. However, the TERA community will forever hold cherished memories of their time spent in Arborea and the countless adventures they embarked on.

In conclusion, the gaming industry continues to evolve and surprise us with new developments and announcements. The introduction of in-game ads in free-to-play games on PlayStation and Xbox opens up new revenue opportunities while raising important considerations about maintaining gameplay integrity. Meanwhile, Among Us VR promises to bring an entirely new level of immersion to an already popular game, showcasing the growing potential of virtual reality gaming. Lastly, the closure of TERA serves as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of online games and the impact it can have on dedicated communities.

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