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-- 26 Apr 2022
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PS Plus May 2022 Free Games, PS5 Variable Refresh Rate Explained, Overwatch 2 PvP Beta | Gaming News

PS5 Variable Refresh Rate Explained

Hello, guys, welcome to the Gaming News for 26 Apr 2022. PlayStation are rolling out Variable Refresh Rates to PlayStation 5 this week. What that allows is the game engine to push frames to the screen as quickly as possible. In not all cases, it will mean the best possible gaming experience. However, it depends on your screen or your TV, so it could definitely improve things in certain situations.

Overwatch 2 PvP Beta

And the next bit of news for today is Blizzard have announced the Overwatch 2 PvP beta. They released a very long FAQ on their website explaining how the beta is going to work, what you need to do to register, who is going to have Twitch Drops available for the event and so on. If you're interested then be sure to check it out.

PS Plus May 2022 Free Games

And the last bit of news for today is according to Dealabs, the free games for PlayStation Plus for May 2022 will be FIFA 22, Curse of the Dead Gods and Tribes of Midgard. It has become a reliable source for leaks because they've been right several months in a row. If you have any opinion about these games then know that potentially you'll be able to redeem them for free on PlayStation Plus very soon. Anyway, guys, that's it for the Gaming News for today. Thank you so much, as always, to all the new followers. I have seen there's quite a lot of you these days, so really thank you and I will see you tomorrow. Thanks guys. Bye bye.

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