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Stellar Blade's Uncensored Release Maintains Global Uniformity

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: April 21, 2024 at 6:29 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

📺 Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes Set for Release

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes will be available on April 23, 2024, across multiple platforms except mobile. This eagerly anticipated title has received positive reviews for its unique blend of storytelling and gameplay mechanics. Reflecting my extensive gaming experience, the depth and complexity of Eiyuden Chronicle are poised to set a new benchmark in the RPG genre. Despite the unfortunate passing of the series creator, the development team is committed to continuing his legacy by moving forward with a sequel. For those interested in a pre-release glimpse, check out the Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Pre-Launch Trailer on YouTube.

📺 Helldivers 2 Expansion to Xbox Being Discussed

Helldivers 2, a title that has garnered acclaim since its release, might soon expand its horizon to Xbox platforms. Currently, this is based on early talks highlighted in a recent episode of the Xbox Era Podcast, which indicates that discussions are still in the preliminary stages. As a seasoned gamer who enjoys strategic depth and team-based challenges, I believe that Helldivers 2's potential release on Xbox could significantly broaden its appeal. This move would benefit not only players but also PlayStation's strategy in leveraging the game's success across additional platforms. To catch up on the details of these discussions, the XboxEra Podcast | LIVE | Episode 208 - "Shadows of Doubt" offers more insights.

📺 Stellar Blade to Release Globally Without Censorship

Stellar Blade, set to launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024, will be released as the same uncensored version across all regions, including Japan. This decision by developer Shift Up ensures that players worldwide will experience the game as it was originally intended. For those curious to see the game before its release, a free demo is currently available for download. This approach not only respects creative vision but also caters to a global audience without compromising on content. Explore the bold narrative and stunning visuals of Stellar Blade by checking out their latest updates on StellarBlade's official Twitter.

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