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Jedi Fallen Order Series Expands: Star Wars Universe - Video Page

By Mazen (Mithrie) Turkmani
Published: August 15, 2021 at 2:12 PM BST

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Video Transcript

EA has confirmed that it's going to invest and continue the Jedi Fallen Order series, which is great news. I played Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I got the platinum trophy on PlayStation 5. I absolutely loved it. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan despite my shirt, and I still absolutely thought it was a fantastic game. I'm very happy about this. This is actually news coming from a few days ago, I think more than a week ago at this point. But it's about finding the time to put it into the news because there's so much gaming news to talk about. And also as well EA are going to be carrying on the Mass Effect series. The next bit of news for today is the Half Life 2 community has banded together and pushed Half Life 2 to its highest concurrent player base since its records began on Steam. So basically because Half Life 2 came out in 2004, it actually predates the ability when Steam was able to track concurrent players. So they rallied together and they were able to push it to a new height of something like 16,000 players. And recently Half Life 2 Remaster Collection was added to the Steam database. There is still love for Half Life and Half Life 2. And I think it's because people really, really want Half Life 3. And we did have Half Life Alyx come out on VR. I am not into VR personally, but that game just looked fantastic. I watched some live streamers. We'll see if Half Life 3 ever becomes a reality. And then the last bit of news for today is Nintendo has ordered ROM Universe to delete all of their illegal ROMs that they have. What ROMs are, is basically when you take games from cartridges, because back in the old days of the old consoles like Nintendo 64 and below games used to be on cartridges, back in my day, and basically in order to play them on emulators and so on, people have ripped them from the cartridges and then people play them on emulator and so on. Now Nintendo sued the creators and the owner of the website called ROM Universe because they were hosting a lot of these ROMs illegally on their website, simple as that. They were allowing people to download them and they won the case, and the owner of the website has been ordered to pay Nintendo something like $2,100,000 or something insane. Now, of course he can't afford it. And he's been ordered to pay it at $50 per month, which means that it will need some of, like 3000 years to pay the full amount, which is never going to happen. But then when it came around to receiving their first payment of $50, he didn't pay it. So Nintendo went back to court and they got a permanent injection awarded against the owner of the website to say delete all (illegal) Copyright material you have. Any ROMs, any books, any movies, anything you don't own, delete all of them. And the judge has given the owner of the website until the 17 Aug 2021 to get it done. I do find these things kind of funny in a way, but simply, it's just a company protecting its IP as simple as that.

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