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SWTOR 4K Trailer: Force-Fueled Visuals Impress Fans

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: November 7, 2021 at 3:47 PM GMT

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Key Takeaways

Star Wars The Old Republic 4K Trailer

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Star Wars The Old Republic, the beloved MMORPG set in the iconic Star Wars universe, developers are remaking the game and re-releasing all its trailers in stunning 4K resolution. Among the first trailers to be upgraded is "Deceived," originally released two years before the game itself, which dramatically portrays the Sith's sacking of Coruscant. This visual enhancement, handled by the acclaimed Blur Studio, not only revitalizes the game's visual appeal but also underscores its lasting popularity and relevance. By upgrading these trailers, the developers reaffirm their commitment to providing fans with a visually captivating and enhanced gaming experience, ensuring that even an older game can continue to engage its audience effectively.

Hogwarts Legacy Release

Fans of the Harry Potter series have a reason to be thrilled as the much-anticipated open-world action RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, is set to release in late 2022. Revealed by Warner Bros' general manager in Toy World magazine, this release aligns with potential excitement from a new Fantastic Beasts movie, offering fans a double dose of the magical universe. The enthusiasm for Hogwarts Legacy has been intensifying ever since its captivating trailer was released, promising a rich and immersive exploration of the Harry Potter world. Although the pandemic caused a delay in its launch, similar to many entertainment projects, the anticipation remains high. Players are looking forward to attending classes at Hogwarts, exploring its iconic grounds, and embarking on magical adventures, promising a deeply engaging experience in this beloved universe.

Thunderstones Feature

This week in the gaming community, we spotlight Thunderstones, a Twitch Partner known for her variety streaming that consistently entertains and amuses her audience. Thunderstones excels in creating a warm, inclusive environment that makes viewers feel immediately welcome. Whether she's diving into a popular game or experimenting with a new one, her natural humor and engaging personality make her streams irresistibly enjoyable. Thunderstones' genuine interaction with her viewers transforms each session into a lively community event, filled with laughter and shared joy. If you're seeking a fun and engaging viewing experience, be sure to visit Thunderstones' Twitch channel. Drop by, engage with the community, and experience the delightful atmosphere she's known for. Mentioning that you were referred by this feature might just make your welcome even warmer!

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