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BAFTA Games Awards 2022 Winners: Honoring Excellence

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: April 8, 2022 at 2:00 PM BST

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The BAFTA Games Awards 2022 was broadcast last night with Returnal taking home 5 awards, IGN have uploaded the first 30 minutes of gameplay for the upcoming game The Quarry, and the latest patch for Life Is Strange The Remastered collection adds 60 FPS mode to PS5 and other enhancements.

Life Is Strange 60 FPS PS5 Patch

The latest patch for Life is Strange Remastered Collection has brought some exciting updates for players. Notable among them is the addition of Ultra Wide support on PC, which allows players to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Life is Strange with a wider field of view. Additionally, PlayStation 5 users can now enjoy the game in glorious 60 frames per second (FPS), enhancing the overall visual experience and making the gameplay even smoother.

The introduction of the 60 FPS mode on PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly a welcome addition for fans of the series. The improved frame rate adds a new level of fluidity and responsiveness to the game, allowing players to fully appreciate the intricate details of the narrative-driven gameplay. Whether it's exploring the beautiful environments, engaging in intense conversations, or making crucial decisions, the enhanced performance on the PlayStation 5 will undoubtedly enhance the emotional impact of the story.

Moreover, it has been announced that the 60 FPS mode will also be making its way to Xbox Series X in the near future, further expanding the accessibility of this highly acclaimed collection. This news is sure to excite Xbox players who have been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to experience the game with enhanced visuals and smoother gameplay.

For those who are new to the Life is Strange franchise, the Remastered Collection serves as an excellent entry point. This collection includes enhanced versions of the original Life is Strange and its prequel, Life is Strange: Before the Storm. It offers a wonderful opportunity for players to delve into the captivating narratives, unique gameplay mechanics, and unforgettable characters that have made the series so beloved.

Life is Strange revolves around the concept of choice and consequence, allowing players to shape the story through their decisions. The engaging storytelling, relatable characters, and thought-provoking themes have garnered a dedicated fan base over the years. With the Remastered Collection, newcomers can experience these impactful stories in a visually enhanced package, making it an ideal starting point for those looking to immerse themselves in the Life is Strange universe.

The Quarry Gameplay

In other gaming news, IGN recently released the first 30 minutes of gameplay for an upcoming title called The Quarry. Developed by Supermassive Games, the studio behind the acclaimed Until Dawn, The Quarry serves as the spiritual successor to the popular horror game.
The gameplay video provides a glimpse into the eerie and atmospheric world of The Quarry, showcasing the studio's signature style of interactive storytelling. Much like its predecessor, The Quarry focuses on branching narratives and player choices, with the potential for multiple outcomes based on the decisions made throughout the game.

Fans of Until Dawn will undoubtedly find themselves drawn to The Quarry, as it retains many of the elements that made the former so captivating. From the tense moments of exploration to the heart-pounding choices that can determine the fate of the characters, The Quarry promises to deliver an intense and immersive gaming experience.

The video showcases the game's stunning visuals, with detailed environments that create a sense of foreboding and unease. The Quarry's narrative-driven gameplay is accompanied by atmospheric sound design, further enhancing the tension and suspense.

Supermassive Games has been known for their expertise in crafting engaging interactive experiences, and The Quarry seems to be no exception. For fans eagerly awaiting the release of this highly anticipated title, the gameplay video offers a tantalizing taste of what's to come.

BAFTA Games Awards 2022 Winners

Last night, the gaming industry gathered to celebrate the BAFTA Games Awards 2022, honoring the outstanding achievements in video game development and design. The event recognized the talented individuals and studios behind some of the most remarkable games of the past year.

One game that stood out from the rest was Returnal, developed by Housemarque. This gripping sci-fi roguelike title took home an impressive five awards, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship and innovation demonstrated by the team. Returnal received accolades for categories such as Artistic Achievement, Audio Achievement, Game Design, and more, solidifying its position as one of the standout games of the year.

The BAFTA Games Awards also shone a spotlight on other noteworthy titles that have made a significant impact on the gaming landscape. Games like It Takes Two, Deathloop, and Resident Evil Village were recognized for their exceptional contributions in various categories.

The awards ceremony served as a testament to the creativity and dedication of the game developers, artists, writers, and musicians who bring these immersive worlds to life. It highlighted the importance of recognizing and celebrating the artistic achievements within the gaming industry, further establishing video games as a respected and influential form of entertainment.

For those interested in reliving the BAFTA Games Awards 2022 or catching up on any missed moments, the entire event is available for viewing on YouTube. The backup of the event provides a comprehensive look at the ceremony, including acceptance speeches, memorable highlights, and behind-the-scenes insights into the creation of some of the most critically acclaimed games of the year.

In conclusion, the latest patch for Life is Strange Remastered Collection, with its Ultra Wide support on PC and 60 FPS mode on PlayStation 5, has elevated the gaming experience to new heights. The addition of these features enhances the visual fidelity and smoothness of gameplay, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the captivating narratives and decision-based gameplay that the series is renowned for.

Meanwhile, The Quarry, the spiritual successor to Until Dawn, promises to deliver a thrilling and atmospheric horror experience. The recently released gameplay video provides a tantalizing glimpse into the game's world and showcases the studio's commitment to interactive storytelling.

Lastly, the BAFTA Games Awards 2022 celebrated the best of the best in the gaming industry, with Returnal emerging as a major winner, securing multiple awards for its exceptional achievements. The event serves as a reminder of the artistic and creative prowess of game developers and their significant contributions to the world of entertainment.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve and push boundaries, it's exciting to see the advancements made in both storytelling and technical aspects. Whether it's the enhanced visuals of Life is Strange Remastered Collection, the suspenseful gameplay of The Quarry, or the recognition of outstanding achievements at the BAFTA Games Awards, these developments only further emphasize the growing impact of video games as an art form and a means of immersive storytelling.

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