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Comparing Baldur's Gate 3 on PS5 and PC: A Detailed Look

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: August 11, 2023 at 3:47 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

Rockstar Welcomes into its Fold

In a surprising move, Rockstar Games announced the acquisition of, a team responsible for crafting some of the most vibrant and expansive communities in Grand Theft Auto V RP (Role-Playing) and the Red Dead Redemption series, inclusive of mods. For those unfamiliar with the work of, they have been instrumental in the modding scene, bringing innovative and immersive experiences to both the GTA V and Red Dead universes. Their commitment to enhancing gameplay, introducing novel storylines, and improving overall player interaction has been undeniable.

This acquisition isn't just a business move; it's a nod to the immense talent and contribution of the team. By bringing them in-house, Rockstar Games hopes to foster closer collaboration, enabling an even richer gameplay experience for players. For long-standing fans of the Rockstar franchise, this could usher in a new era of in-depth role-playing and expansive modding opportunities. What's your experience with Have their mods enhanced your gaming experience?

Resident Evil Series on Humble Bundle: A Horror Fan's Dream

For those looking to expand their horror game collection, there's good news! The ever-popular Humble Bundle platform is offering a stellar deal, bundling 12 titles from the iconic Resident Evil series for PC. As is customary with Humble Bundle, by paying the specified minimum amount, supporters will not only be obtaining a treasure trove of gaming goodness but also helping charitable causes.

This move showcases the power of the gaming community when it comes together. By supporting this bundle, players assist in charity work while also acknowledging the developers' hard work in crafting the Resident Evil series, a benchmark in the survival horror genre. Furthermore, with the price point of this bundle, it's a win-win situation, enabling players to save money while expanding their game libraries. So, whether you're new to the Resident Evil universe or a seasoned veteran looking to complete your collection, now's your chance! Have you taken advantage of Humble Bundle's incredible offers in the past?

Baldur's Gate 3: PS5 and PC Synchronicity

The world of gaming is abuzz with excitement as Larian Studios confirms that all the hot fixes, patches, and enhancements introduced for the PC version of Baldur's Gate 3 will seamlessly integrate into the PlayStation 5 version. Slated for release on 06 Sep 2023, this ensures that no matter the platform, players will receive the same high-quality gaming experience.

What's even more intriguing is Larian Studios' commitment to continue rolling out enhancements for both platforms post the mentioned release date. This dedication underlines their commitment to their fans and the overall gaming community.

The anticipation for Baldur's Gate 3 on the PS5 has surged, especially since the game has surpassed expectations by achieving a meta score even higher than that of the critically acclaimed "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom". The question remains: With such accolades and ever-evolving enhancements, are you already diving deep into the world of Baldur's Gate 3 or eagerly awaiting its arrival on the PS5?

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