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Netflix Cancels Resident Evil: Streaming Series Update

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: August 27, 2022 at 1:28 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

Steam Deck 2: The Future of Portable Gaming

Valve's recent release of the Steam Deck has taken the gaming community by storm. This handheld gaming device has been met with great excitement and demand, resulting in a successful launch and the sale of numerous units. With such popularity, it is only natural to wonder about the future of the Steam Deck and the potential for future iterations, such as the highly anticipated Steam Deck 2.

The Steam Deck booklet, released by Valve, offers an insight into the story behind the creation of the Steam Deck and also hints at what lies ahead. In this booklet, Valve shares their vision for the future of the Steam Deck, indicating that they are committed to further development and improvement. While specifics about the Steam Deck 2 are not mentioned, the possibility of subsequent iterations, including a Steam Deck 2, 3, 4, or even 5, is hinted at. This is exciting news for gamers who are eager to see how Valve continues to innovate in the portable gaming market.

The success of the Steam Deck can be attributed to its impressive features and capabilities. This handheld device allows players to access their entire Steam library and play PC games on the go. With powerful hardware and a user-friendly interface, the Steam Deck offers a seamless gaming experience in the palm of your hand. Its ergonomic design, high-resolution display, and customizable controls further enhance the gameplay experience. The positive reception and high demand for the Steam Deck indicate a strong market for portable gaming devices, which bodes well for the potential success of future iterations like the Steam Deck 2.

While details about the Steam Deck 2 may be scarce at this stage, there are several areas where improvements and additions could be made. One possible enhancement could be the inclusion of even more powerful hardware to further enhance performance and enable the smooth running of even more demanding games. Additionally, advancements in battery technology could potentially lead to longer playtimes, allowing gamers to enjoy their favorite titles for extended periods without the need for frequent charging.

Another aspect that may see improvement in the Steam Deck 2 is the screen size and quality. While the current Steam Deck boasts a 7-inch display, future iterations may feature larger screens with higher resolutions, resulting in a more immersive gaming experience. Furthermore, the addition of features like HDR support and faster refresh rates could enhance visual fidelity and gameplay fluidity.

Valve may also choose to expand the storage options available in the Steam Deck 2. While the current model offers different storage capacities, such as 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB, these options may be further expanded in future iterations. This would allow gamers to store more games and media on the device without the need for external storage solutions.

Moreover, with the rapid advancements in cloud gaming technology, Valve could explore the possibility of integrating cloud gaming services, such as Steam Cloud Play, into the Steam Deck 2. This would enable users to stream games directly to their device, even if they don't have the game installed locally. This would greatly expand the gaming library available to Steam Deck users, opening up a vast array of titles without the need for large onboard storage capacities.

In addition to hardware improvements, Valve could also focus on enhancing the software and user interface of the Steam Deck 2. This could include further refinements to the SteamOS operating system, as well as the addition of new features and customization options. Valve's dedication to providing a seamless gaming experience may lead to an even more intuitive and user-friendly interface in future iterations of the Steam Deck.

Overall, the future of the Steam Deck looks incredibly promising. Valve's commitment to the device and their willingness to explore future iterations, such as the highly anticipated Steam Deck 2, indicate that portable gaming is set to reach new heights. With advancements in hardware, software, and user experience, gamers can expect an even more immersive and enjoyable experience with future iterations of the Steam Deck. Whether it's a Steam Deck 2 or beyond, portable gaming enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in the coming years.

The Embracer Group's Acquisition of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal

In other news, the Embracer Group, a leading video game holding company, has recently completed the acquisition of Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and several other studios and intellectual properties from Square Enix. This acquisition comes after the Embracer Group announced their intention to do so back in May, and it marks a significant move in expanding their portfolio.

Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal are well-known and respected studios in the gaming industry. Crystal Dynamics is best known for its work on the critically acclaimed Tomb Raider series, while Eidos Montreal has gained recognition for their work on titles like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. With the acquisition by the Embracer Group, these studios now join the roster of other notable developers under the Embracer Group umbrella.

The Embracer Group's acquisition of Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and other studios and IPs from Square Enix is a strategic move aimed at diversifying their portfolio and expanding their influence in the gaming industry. By bringing together a range of talented developers and well-established intellectual properties, the Embracer Group aims to strengthen their position and deliver more high-quality gaming experiences to players worldwide.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the studios and IPs acquired by the Embracer Group. Fans of the Tomb Raider series may eagerly anticipate the next installment and how Crystal Dynamics' involvement under the Embracer Group's ownership could shape the franchise. Similarly, supporters of Eidos Montreal's work may be curious about the studio's upcoming projects and how their creative vision will be supported and amplified by the Embracer Group.

Overall, the Embracer Group's acquisition marks a significant milestone in the gaming industry. It represents the continued growth and consolidation of major players in the market, as well as the Embracer Group's commitment to fostering the development of high-quality games. Fans can look forward to exciting new projects and collaborations as Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and other studios under the Embracer Group embark on this new chapter.

Resident Evil TV Series Cancellation

In unfortunate news, the Resident Evil TV series, which premiered on Netflix, has been cancelled after just one season. The decision to end the show comes as a disappointment to some fans, while others may have felt that the series did not live up to their expectations.

The cancellation of the Resident Evil TV series may come as a surprise to some, considering the popularity of the franchise in both the gaming and film industries. With successful video game releases and a series of blockbuster movies, the Resident Evil brand has a dedicated fanbase that has eagerly followed the franchise's various adaptations.

While it is unclear why Netflix decided to cancel the series, some speculate that it may be due to a combination of factors. This could include creative differences, audience reception, or financial considerations. It's worth noting that the cancellation of a TV series is not uncommon in the entertainment industry, as decisions are often based on various factors beyond viewer numbers alone.

As a viewer who has watched the entire season, I share in the disappointment expressed by some fans. The Resident Evil TV series did not live up to the high standards set by the games and previous adaptations. The narrative felt disjointed, character development was lacking, and the overall execution fell short of capturing the immersive and suspenseful atmosphere the Resident Evil franchise is known for.

However, the cancellation of the TV series does not mean the end for Resident Evil in the world of visual media. Given the ongoing popularity of the franchise, it is likely that there will be future attempts to bring the Resident Evil universe to the small screen. One can only hope that any future iterations of Resident Evil TV series or movies will learn from the shortcomings of the recent series and strive to deliver a higher-quality adaptation that does justice to the beloved franchise.

In conclusion, the gaming and entertainment industries are constantly evolving, with new devices, acquisitions, and adaptations shaping the landscape. The future of portable gaming looks promising with the potential of the Steam Deck 2 and beyond, offering even more immersive experiences for gamers on the go. The Embracer Group's acquisition of studios like Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal opens up exciting possibilities for their respective IPs and fans of their work. Meanwhile, the cancellation of the Resident Evil TV series serves as a disappointment, but it also leaves room for future adaptations to redeem the franchise's on-screen presence. As gamers and fans, we eagerly await what lies ahead in these ever-evolving worlds.

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